Saturday, September 5, 2009

Re: How to Pick-up a Girl

Though my schedule-due to my job quota-is hectic, I still have ample time to read mind-tickling articles like "How to Pick-Up a Girl". Though I don't like it much but I have no choice but to read it since it is one of my sources on my writing job.

The article says that:

1. Flirt withe the girl

Well, for me flirting is not that bad but I think it undermines your/someones credibility and morality. Hey! Flirting! I don't give a damn on those things.

Flirting sometimes can also be so effective expecially when your on a bar/drinking session when the ladies are there waiting for a guy to go out with. But if your looking for a long-term healthy relationship, I think it's not a good starter and it may ruin your personality as what others see you.

Also, it stated that eye-contact is a part of a flirting process. I totally disagree with that! There are times when people cannot refrain from looking at a certain attractive individual; and it's not flirting.

In addition, not all eyes pointed at you delivers a message of admiration, sometimes it's just simply looking; and giving a meaning-flirting with you-causes you to react on an irrational manner.

Moreover, sometimes ladies look at you to confirm if you are looking at her; and your frequent glance gives them confidence and clears their negative doubts on how they look like.

2. Stay Calm - girls already know your intentions

If that's the case then for me it is purely subjectivity. But if we consider the fact that there are lady mentalist that performs mind-reading; that could be true but it's a one-in-a-million case.

For me, it's more better not to show your intentions or you don't show actions that the girl would assume that you have hidden agenda. At most, what I'm trying to say is that while you are calm, make sure that your target must have zer0-hint that about your catch.

Furthermore, if we presume that ladies already know your intentions, then you may tend to act based on what you presume. It could be either you'lle be offensive to her because on your first approach she didn't turn you down; or you may act defensively and lose the catch.

So don't assume or presume anything; be true to your mind and your actions. Act like she's just one of the girls whom you like and wanted to know about her.

To be continued...

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