Friday, September 4, 2009


General Psychology, that is Psych 23 for the psychology students of Xavier University. The subject tackles a lot of basics about psychology - history, theories, well-known psychologist and a lot more.

This is also the subject that has to be taken first before proceeding to other higher psych courses. In addition, non-xyc students is not excused from this subject.

Our Mentor
Aside from the interesting topics, out teacher Mrs. Gail - I can't remember her last name but I'm sure she has a twin sister - is such a good/excellent teacher. Though her voice is quite low sometimes but it really helps you increase focus on the topic - turn offf all the distractions, concentrate and extend your ears to get all the soundwaves. I also like her pitch during discussions because she didn't adapt - though I think she could - the American accent.

But that's not really the catch of this post!


What I've noticed since I entered college is that, I closely get attracted to ladies with exceptional intellectual capacity that can outwit my stance in class. Though I really don't know the reason behind but I know it's true. My two ex-GF are top-notchers of their class and my latest X graduated comlaude. And for that, it's hard for me to say that it's just a coincidence.

Also, I'm the kind of student who loves to be seen having a laid-back behavior; but still can get a hold of a A or B grade. I really don't want to belong to a clique close to a gay or ladies circle - more often tagged as the intellectual circle. For that, I have a hard time looking for the ideal girl for me.

The catch

On psych23, I fell inlove with a girl whose intellectual capacity is overwhelming. She is so charming and I think she's the conservative type - fits well on my taste. The problem is that I can't even look her straight in the eyes!. I was dying to get her number during MWF; and befriend her but lets just say I'm a major looser!

I know that nobody would read articles in this blog but I love to keep it to express my point of bYoU!

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